Avi Buskila

Avi Buskila

President & CEO, SAREL Logistics Solutions & Products for Advanced Medicine LTD (2007- )

Deputy Director, SAREL Logistics Solutions & Products for Advanced Medicine LTD (2006-2007)

Director & Board Member, Medical Logistics, Sheba Medical Center (2005)

Lieutenant colonel, Head of Logistics Department, Medical Corps, IDF (2000-2005);

Commander, Logistic Center for Medical Equipment & Medicines, IDF (1997-2000)

Mr. Avi Buskila is currently the president and the chief executive officer of SAREL, Israel’s largest supplier for goods and services to the healthcare industry. Previously, he has served in Sheba Medical Center as a director of the medical logistics. Nine years ago, Mr. Buskila retired from a long military carrer with the rank of lieutenant colonel. His last military position was as the head of the logistics department of the Medical Corps. Mr. Buskila was born in 1961. He is a graduate of the MBA program at Ben Gurion University. He is the director of the Medical Corps Association, a member of the National Council for Logistics in Health and a member of the Forum leaders and senior members of the Israeli economy.

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