Judith Kornfeld

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Judith Kornfeld

Chief Business and Operations Officer, ORCATECH, US

Ms. Judith Kornfeld is the Chief Business and Operations Officer of ORCATECH. As a major part of her role, she leads all of ORCATECH’s partnerships and collaborations with industry and academia.

Prior to joining ORCATECH, Judith held the position of VP of Business Development of TransPharma Medical Ltd., conducting its worldwide business development operations.

Prior to joining TransPharma, Ms. Kornfeld held the position VP of Business Development of a number of emerging medical technological companies where she was responsible for creating collaborations with leading global medical device companies. Ms. Kornfeld specializes in bringing innovative medical technologies to prosper in the medical industry. Previously, she has gained scientific and managerial experience in various positions at Duke University and the Carmel Medical Center.   Ms. Kornfeld holds a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and an MBA as well as an academic background in electrical engineering. She is the member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Society.

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