Paul Mullen

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Paul Mullen

General Manager, Acute Care, GE Healthcare Partner, Frontera Business Services, US

Paul is an Engineer by training, a Marketer by practice, and a General Manager by title.  Still active in both his technical and business roots, he was named the Top Marketer in GE in 2012 and he also is the inventor or co-inventor on more than a dozen US Patents.  His professional assignments span X-ray, Ultrasound, Life Sciences, and Services, but he claims Ultrasound as home turf.  He works across many cultures, currently working extensively in the USA, Finland, and Israel.   He currently leads a collaboration between GE Healthcare and Roche Diagnostics as the two companies work to reduce the burden of Sepsis.

Paul’s résumé is nearly entirely filled with experience at GE Healthcare, completing 35 years of service with the company in December 2018.  But his organizational experience extends far beyond the strictly corporate world:  Paul is a founding Partner of Frontera Business Services, a company that provides transaction processing and donor relationship management support to small- and medium-sized NGOs that raise money in the USA.  He serves as board member or board advisor to several NGOs and community organizations, focusing his work on leadership development, governance, and process improvement.

Paul is an accomplished photographer, a hobby he developed under his father’s guidance as a boy, and whose skill and passion he has passed on to his three adult daughters. He and his wife, Nancy, are home automation enthusiasts, and have learned to thermoform acrylic and 3D print plastics to make 3-dimensional artwork for their home.  Paul speaks Spanish and English.  As it relates to studying Hebrew, he says,
“.לימוד עברית הוא כמו ללמוד את השפה של מאדים” Paul is active in poverty relief in Latin America, especially in Guatemala. Paul served as an Elder at Elmbrook Church from 2008 through 2013, serving as the Vice Chair and Chair in the last two years.

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