Adiv Baruch

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Adiv Baruch

Chairman of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, Israel

January 2018 – Chairman of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute.

Adiv Baruch, has been involved in the High-tech industry for the last 32 years.

Currently, Mr. Baruch also serves as Chairman of Jerusalem Technology Investments Ltd and Maayan Ventures, a platform for investments in innovative Israeli technology companies.

Additionally, Mr. Baruch serves as the Chairman of Covertix, whose patented technology delivers real-time, non-invasive control, protection, and tracking of confidential files.

Mr. Baruch is the Chairman of Institute of Technology and Innovation, which is a leader in educating technology professionals and innovative entrepreneurs.

Mr. Baruch served as Chairman of the public committee of the Hi-Tech and Telecom Division at the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), and he was a member of the audit committee of the board of IEICI.

Previously, Mr. Baruch was one of the founders of Ness Technologies, grown the company to become the first Israeli IT service company into a Global IT services company.

Mr. Baruch has served as President for Nyotron, a global cyber technology company, and served as a director of the Bank of Jerusalem, and he serves or has served on the boards of a variety of charitable organizations including Make-AWish Foundation and is currently active Chairman of Or-Lachayal. Also, he has been an active member of the Young President organization (YPO).

Mr. Baruch has global experience and is involved with variety of companies on the US, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong exchanges.

Mr. Baruch served in the Israeli Navy and holds an Engineering degree from The Technion, the leading engineering institute in Israel.

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