Dr. Maki Sugimoto

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Dr. Maki Sugimoto

The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo and Co-founder, Director & COO, Holoeyes Inc., Japan

Dr. Maki Sugimoto MD, PhD. Graduated from Teikyo University School of Medicine Tokyo in 1996. Experience as a visiting fellow at Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System California US, associate professor at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, and associate professor at International University of Health and Welfare Graduate School.

As a surgeon, Dr. Sugimoto has also been involved in leading edge research of medical software, device development, and health care business consulting. He is also passionate about scientific education for the younger generation.

Received many patents in the medical and engineering sector, as well as awards from academic conferences. Official ambassador of OsiriX; the most widely used medical image DICOM viewer in the world. Elected as “an innovator who is continuing to change the world” from Apple in 2014. Also gives 6 TEDx talks around Japan, and involved as a TED translator.

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