Kirk Elder

Kirk Elder

Global Innovation Leader Population Health, Philips, US

Kirk Elder is an 18-year veteran of the internet driven economy. He has held senior technology and innovation leadership positions at various companies at the forefront of disruptive business models and is currently the Global Innovation Leader for Population Health at Philips.

Previously, Kirk has held senior management and architecture positions at healthcare abstraction and analytics firms providing industry leading SaaS medical record documentation solutions. Kirk has deep experience in the development of innovative clinical analytics, dictation, speech recognition, natural language processing, BPM, and B2B Solutions.

While recognizing the transformational power that technology has, Kirk believes real step change will only be realized when technology is made consumable and implementable by adapting to human behavior and business realities.

Kirk Elder holds a B.S. in Physics with a certificate in Mathematics from Georgia Institute of Technology. During his education he worked in experimental non-linear dynamics, chaos theory, and quantum mechanics. Integrity, courage, and simplification form his core values.

Twitter: @kaelder

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