Niamh McKenna

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Niamh McKenna

Managing Director, Accenture’s Health Business, UK

Niamh McKenna, managing director, is responsible for leading Accenture’s Health business in the UK. Niamh has worked across many different industry sectors in Accenture leveraging a wide range of skills from management consulting to technology delivery. Her particular passion is helping clients to make sense of the many and varied technology changes that are taking place in the market at the moment – transforming the way healthcare will work for clinicians and patients. She helps find the path between the buzzwords and focus on what really makes a difference in the day to day challenges in her clients. She is currently working on how we can place humans at the heart of future health services and deal with some of the thornier challenges that technology can bring.

Niamh studied Social & Political Science at Cambridge University and is a globetrotter and has lived and worked in several different countries – finding those different cultural experiences ever more useful in our increasingly connected, digital world.

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